7 great gifts for new parents

7 great gifts for new parents

It’s always tricky to know what to get new parents as, chances are, they’ve been out ‘feathering their nest’ in the run up to the birth equipping themselves with babygros galore, a couple of teddies, and a whole bunch of muslins. So what ideas might have been over-looked or are perhaps just not the sort of thing you buy for yourself?

Here’s our suggestions of some sure-fire hit new parent gifts.

1 Offer to do something

This is a winner for both the parents and you, the giver, especially if you’ve got a tight budget or no cash at all. Make an offer to help them out with laundry, give the house a quick hoover or dust, sit with baby while they have a bath, nip to the shops for them or perhaps cook a nice meal. Be as discreet and useful as you can. 

2 Posh shampoo, shower gel or bath salts

If you wanted to combine the above idea with a physical gift, some sort of better-than-usual bathroom product is always good, especially since showering or a quick bath is usually the main bit of solitude or relaxation new parents might get. Turn up with some relaxing bath salts, warm them a towel, run the bath and give them 30 minutes of switching off. Bliss.

Himalayan bath salts

3 Buggy organiser

New parents often focus on a changing bag but forget that, eventually, they’re likely to want to get out and about to see friends and family, get a breath of fresh air, visit the clinic or get along to a baby massage class. This is where a buggy organiser comes in and you can pick one most suited to the recipients needs. Got twins or a double buggy? Go for a larger pram organiser. Someone who likes to shop? An organiser with a built-in shopping net sounds good. Parent who likes something a bit different? How about an organiser in grey with stars? You could even equip the organiser with a few nappies, wipes, a dummy, and a treat or two for mum and dad.

4 Lounge wear

In those first few days and weeks of parenthood, it’s a time for adjustment and chilling whenever possible but there is also usually a fairly regular flow of visitors, whether it’s family, friends or midwife. In which case, some new lounge wear (or PJs, for those of us not in the fashion industry) will be a very welcome gift for new parents. Bear in mind that mum may be breastfeeding, and won’t want anything too complicated on her top half. Anything that can be worn both for sleeping and meeting people is spot on.

5 Food delivery voucher

If you’re not a brilliant cook yourself, or live too far away to cook for the parents yourself, a food delivery voucher could be just the ticket. You don’t even have to pick the type of food so the new parents can choose exactly what they want. Who doesn’t love a meal they’ve not cooked themselves?

takeaway pizza

6 Spa trip with baby-sitting

This one’s for a few weeks or even months down the line, but it’s always nice to have something to look forward to. A spa trip can be an overnighter, or a couple of hours getting a treatment and having snooze, pool-side. Throw in some baby-sitting and the new parents will love you!

7 Changing mat

This is a more practical one but a changing mat is one of those things you can use more than one of so even if parents have got one already, a spare to keep in the car or at a grandparent’s house means they’re always equipped. A super large one (like this one) means a parent won’t be paranoid about ‘spillages’ on a carpet that isn’t their own!

If you’re a parent yourself, what gift did you appreciate the most? 

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