A Raincover & Phone Pocket too

A Raincover & Phone Pocket too

As well as its impressive capacity and ability to fit 99.9% of prams and buggies, the BTR BUGGY ORGANISER also features a convenient phone pocket and a practical rain cover.

The phone pocket is situated on the top of the organiser so you can see whether you’ve had messages, or who’s calling, at a glance. The phone flip-pocket is made from a touchscreen PVC so, for example, if you’re on your way somewhere, you can easily follow the map, or check the weather app to see whether you should have packed your anorak after all!

Speaking of inclement weather - and let’s face it, we Brits do… a lot! - we’ve thought of that too. The BTR Buggy Organiser comes with a rain cover so all your precious items will stay dry if you’re caught in the rain. 


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