All that glisters: are awards for products all they seem?

All that glisters: are awards for products all they seem?

We’re pleased with the awards we’ve achieved for our products, but we do wonder about the credibility of some. If you see a gold award do you assume it is based on being the best or did you know that sometimes you have to pay to enter?

Does it affect how you would feel about a product if you knew that a payment had been made to enter and, therefore, possibly win that award?

Is an awards scheme or competition fair if not all qualifying entrants are considered?

For example, would the BAFTAs or the Oscars be the well-respected events they are, if they only considered entries from contenders who had paid? Could this mean that the best film or actor not be recognized and would that be fair? 

We’re not suggesting that all paid-for awards are essentially ‘bought’, and appreciate that some schemes simply need to cover admin costs. However, we're certainly less inclined to either enter or trust those that entrants have paid to be part of.

We'd love to know (so that we can enter ourselves!) are there any product or business awards that you see as credible and impartial? Let us know below...

PS - in case you’re interested, this is our award-winning BTR buggy organiser. And, no, we didn't pay to enter the awards! 😆

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