Attaching your Buggy Organiser & Using the 2 Pram Hooks

Attaching your Buggy Organiser & Using the 2 Pram Hooks

I often see our buggy organisers in use, on prams whilst I am out & about & I love seeing them in use!  Sometimes, I see them attached wrong & I have to stop myself from introducing myself, going over & attaching it properly (no one likes a busy body!!!)!

But.... it is vital that to get the best out of it you attach it correctly.  I sometimes see our buggy organisers attached with the 2 buggy clips that come with the bag.  These are buggy hooks to attach to use for shopping, hanging a coat or whatever you fancy but they are not designed to hang the buggy organiser from your handlebars! They are shipped attached to the D rings on the organiser but take them off & pop them on your handle & you have extra hooks & hanging space!  We introduced them as standard with our organisers as we noticed that 'customers also bought' them & we thought we could offer a package so you get everything matching in one transaction!  

Our best-selling BTR Buggy Organiser is best selling for a reason: it works fantastically well at keeping all your essentials close to hand when out for a walk, so you know where everything is as soon as you need it. Part of what makes it so successful is how securely it fits to the pram or buggy handles.

Whether you’ve already got yours or you’re at the research stage of your pram organiser purchase, check out the video guides we have which show you exactly how the BTR Buggy Organiser should be attached to the handles of your pram or buggy, whether you have the one or two handle type.

Those velcro strips at each side should be wrapped tightly around each side of the handle(s), leaving no room for swinging and the potential to come loose. This is the key to keeping your BTR Buggy Organiser steady and making it perform as well as it should.

Delivered with your BTR Buggy Organiser are your two matching buggy clips. Do not think that these are a different way to attach your organiser! If you were to use these hooks to affix the organiser to the buggy you’d end up with a swinging pram organiser and, let’s face it, would probably become annoying as you’re walking around. Not ideal!

Instead, use these pram hooks, or buggy clips, to attach any extra bags you have. Like the BTR Buggy Organiser, they attach to the handles using strong hook-and-loop fastening strips, with an easy-to-use carabiner clip to hold the bag itself.

Each BTR Buggy Organiser comes with two pram hooks/buggy clips, in a colour to match your organiser (and we now have four stunning colours to choose from: pure black, dove grey, mocha brown and midnight blue). If you’re a particularly keen shopper, you can buy additional buggy clips separately.

Just remember the trick of leaving your child in the buggy until you’ve unloaded your shopping, or else you’ll end up with a buggy on its back and your new purchases all over the floor!

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