BTR Buggy Organisers – The Choice … What is the difference???

BTR Buggy Organisers – The Choice … What is the difference???

The Ideas Behind the Design

I had a teeny tiny pram for my son as I had, at that point, a teeny tiny car & I found it tricky to get to everything I wanted fast.  I saw a buggy organiser on a pram at a baby group & thought it looked like a good idea so I bought one from the internet…..

I ordered LOTS of buggy organiser & returned them all!  Some slid down the handles, didn’t retain their shape or flopped about too much (some even turned upside down when full!!!).  So, we decided we would produce something much better & far more practical, so our first BTR Buggy Organiser was ‘born’!!!

I knew what I wanted from a Buggy Organiser.....

  • I really wanted a sturdy organiser so we used wire at the top to help it keep its shape.
  • I really wanted easy to use and secure straps.  I wanted straps that fit ALL prams & didn’t want to have to buy different Organisers for the 2 different buggies we had.  After A LOT of testing I chose the Velcro ones.  These fit a range of pram styles & if you wrap them tight they are really good.
  • I really wanted a lot of space to put stuff in & so added a couple of little pockets to organise things.
  • I wanted the buggy clips that I had bought separately (as they are soooooo handy!), so we added them to come as free with our buggy organisers !
  • I wanted pockets (but not too many or else I would forget where I had stored stuff).
  • I wanted to be able to find my keys in it FAST as I ALWAYS lose my keys! So we added a key hook as Standard to all of our Buggy Organisers. 


The BTR Original Buggy Organiser 

The Original BTR Buggy Organiser is the Mummy of all the BTR Organisers! The Original & still incredibly popular it is exactly what it is described as - it is a great, spacious Buggy Organiser. It has a full sized flap on the top to help cover the contents for privacy / a rain shower & comes with a rain cover.  Over the years it has evolved slightly with the flap now being made out of water resistant material now & a key clip being added (I ALWAYS lose my keys! So we added these as Standard on all our Organisers!)


The Wipe Clean Mini Bag / Buggy Organiser 

My son started weaning & I ended up carrying food & snacks everywhere! I made a right mess of my Buggy Organiser with crumbs & sticky stuff so & I created the Wipe Clean Buggy Organiser / Mini Bag.

This has an easy clean lining & not many internal pockets (so it is easier to wipe out the crumbs!).  As I found I was carrying lots of snacks & a change of clothes & nappies for my son I wanted it to be a little larger than the Original so changed the design in to a bag style. Its great for a quick trip out & fits on a pram as it isn’t a full size changing bag.  The 2-way zipped lid means that its secure from the elements & zips up all the way round but easy to get in to.  It’s incredibly practical.  It is still a favourite of mine! Updates to the design have included a key hook & a change of external pocket design along with an added internal wipe clean pocket that comes from the lid & so doesn’t end up in whatever mess is in the bag!


BTR Buggy Organiser with Phone-Flip Pocket

Our Best Seller Organiser!  This idea came from me struggling to push my buggy in a straight line one handed whilst holding my Smartphone in the other hand using a GPS Map trying to navigate to a new baby class! We already had a BTR bike bag range at BTR Direct Sports & one of our most popular bike bags lets you see and use your phone or GPS device whilst you cycled.  So we just combined the ideas!

We added in the handy key hook, detachable strap, some pockets & a rain cover too!  It now comes in greytoo!


BTR Buggy Organiser with Detachable Purse

Some customers did not like the open ‘box’ type style of the BTR Original and the BTR Buggy Organiser with Phone-Flip Pocket, they wanted specific compartments for drinks etc.  For this bag, we used a 3 pocket compartment style that allows you to hold the bottles in the pocket.  Obviously, you can use these pockets for whatever you like but that was the idea behind the design. 

Originally this product just had a plain flap that came over the square middle pocket pouch but after the success of our Buggy Organiser with Phone-Flip Pocket I thought that this may benefit from that too as we already had a material flap in the design. Other changes included an experiment with different style straps to attach to the pram but that style made the bag tilt on some prams & so I decided to change to the Velcro ones we knew worked so well.

As the space inside was compartmentalised, I realised that once you had wipes, snacks etc in there was nowhere to tuck you purse inside so we added a zip on/off purse.   This is a popular BTR Buggy Organiser and we have many fans of this style.   


Twin Buggy Organiser

A friend of mine mentioned she had struggled to find Buggy Organisers that fit her twin side by side buggy!  So off I went with my tape measure & we created the Twin Buggy Organiser! It has the same great features as the single sized one its just wider.  It’s amazing that there aren’t more of them out there I think as how many double / side by side buggies do you see about?  There is so much more handlebar space that can be used.  I have seen buggies with 2 single ones on, but they only work with 1 or 3 handled buggies.  This one works with 1, 2 or 3 handles!  Seems a very simple solution to me!

Add in the rain cover, key hook & the 2 buggy clips and it’s the same as the single sized one just XL


Fully Zipped Lid Buggy Organiser


This Buggy Organiser came about after trying different ways of getting the Buggy Organiser completely & securely covered.  We already had the Wipe Clean Mini Change Bagthat I really liked that had a fully zipped lid & so thought this could transfer to the Buggy Organiser design.  As the phone pocket had been popular I wanted to keep that too.  So I added the pocket on top of the zipped lid.  So now you have a zipped lid that means the organiser is fully covered but you don’t lose the phone pocket!  I got the material in a water resistant fabric so that also helps repel the rain. Also comes with the 2 buggy clips (it doesn’t need the extra rain cover!)


Buggy Net & Organiser 

I thought that our Buggy Organisers could use some shopping or coat storage space! I saw people out with prams & a big net storage type thing on their prams & thought that we could combine the Buggy Organiser with a net bag.  Well, this was tricky as at first the design was replicating existing Buggy Organisers & attaching net bags to it, but it wasn’t working as you couldn’t get in the net easily and it was looking very much like a Buggy Organiser with a net poking out of it. So I had the net bag and then added the Buggy Organiser around it so that it was a part of the opening. You go through the Buggy Organiser to get to the net so the Buggy Organiser is like a reinforced top.  It is a smaller more Slimline Buggy Organiser BagArea but the net means you can fit in kids coats or shopping or larger stuff easily! Again, in water resistant fabric and with the 2 buggy hooks (incase you want to balance more on your pushchair!). 



THE XL Deep Buggy Organiser

We had an XL Buggy Organiser in width for the BTR Twin Buggy Organiser so why not an XL in depth?  This was tough to find the right size and design as too big & it became a large bag & too small it wasn’t worth changing the design!  Once the size was right then which lid style to use?  I wanted to keep the phone pocket but as this was a large Buggy Organiser I didn’t want it to look like the BTR Wipe Clean Mini Bag.  I kept the phone pocket & then added a large lid, just like our Original Buggy Organiserso you could flick the lid down or keep it open & still see the phone pocket.  This is other way round to the full zipped lid Buggy Organiser – I like to keep things different as different designs suit different people.  This can fit in a lot & also can be a lovely sturdy day bag. 


Mini Change Bag / Buggy Organiser

I wanted a Mini Changing bag that didn’t look like a Changing Bag! I wanted to go our not looking like I was carrying the house with me & I wanted to feel as if I had just picked up a handbag to go out (I realise that with children I will never be able to do this but I wanted to pretend!).  So this one needed to be a completely different style to our other Bags & Organisers.

The Mini Change Bag / Buggy Organiserwas based on a satchel style but has a 2 way long zip that opens out the bag.  I had tried to take out a ‘normal’ bag with my son but always ended up having to tip everything out of it to get to what I wanted as the openings at the top were just that, at the top! This one opens on 3 sides so you can find what you want without emptying it all! To make things even more visible I added in mesh pockets so you can see what’s inside the pocket without rummaging.  As you need pockets for ‘stuff’ I had the external ones integrated so they look sleek but one is the full size of the bag so you can fit in larger items.  I got the base reinforced and in different material so if you put it down on the floor you can easily wipe the base clean.  Add on the Velcro straps so it hangs from the 1 or 2 handled pushchairs and this one looks completely different yet is still secretly a Mini Changing Bag / Buggy Organiser


The Brand New Grey Buggy Organiser – ‘Tootles’

I wanted another grey Buggy Organiser as grey is a popular colour for buggies & prams.  I wanted to create a new Organiser that had not originally been released in black & was in a completely different style & shape. So, the ‘Tootles’Buggy Organiser was created. 

This Buggy Organiser has all the best bits from our range of Buggy Organisers: the wired top; the Velcro straps; the key clip; external pockets; the Phone-Flip-Pocket & the 2 Free Buggy Hooks but it has a different silhouette.  The edges are curved upwards & the wire helps this being maintained.  It looks different from our other Buggy Organisers though.   Practically, it has a slightly padded material, the bottle straps inside are larger to help secure the drinks and it has a large stretchy mesh pocket covering the full width of the bag, which I love!  You can store so much in here & the pocket just ‘pings’ back in to shape.

I thought that as we had so many Buggy Organisers in our range that I wanted an easy way to refer to each of them so decided to give this one a name, so here is the ‘Tootles’.  Other organisers may get names in the future too, so would be interested in hearing any suggestions!


Make sure with ALL of the Buggy Organisersyou attach the velcro securely.  The tighter you wrap the velcro the sturdier it is.  Trust me I have tested it ALOT! Check out these videos on how best to attach our BTR Buggy Organisers 


So there you are, the range of BTR Buggy Organisers (so far), the ideas behind them & what they do so you can choose which one suits you best!


Thanks for reading 

Jo :) 

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