BTR Twin Double Buggy Organiser Pram Bag FULL Demonstration and Instruction Video

August 28, 2017 2 Comments

This is a full demo video for our exclusive double buggy organiser detailing all its benefits, how it fits to the pram and more.  Everything you need to know about this organiser.

This twin buggy organiser bag now comes with a waterproof cover detachable shoulder strap, extra large touch screen phone pocket plus 2 x pram clips all as standard

Our customers love it and 96% of our Amazon customers rate it 5 out of 5 (check out the Amazon link below)

View our promo video for this organiser HERE

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View our Double Buggy Organiser on our website

View our Twin Pram Organiser on Amazon UK

View our Double Stroller Organizer on Amazon .com

View our Kinderwagen Organizer on Amazon DE



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2 Responses

Bryn - BTR Direct Kids Admin
Bryn - BTR Direct Kids Admin

January 28, 2018

Yes it will fit on a Bugaboo Donkey


January 28, 2018

Will this fit on a Bugaboo Donkey ?

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