Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

We love customer reviews as the positive, constructive ones help tell other customers why a product is worth their hard-earned cash and the not-so-great ones tell us either how we can improve a product, or that we need to better explain a feature, measurements, etc.

Sometimes we get less than brilliant reviews on both our website & Amazon (boo!) generally relating to the size of the organiser and its capacity. On the other hand, we also get brilliant reviews (see the one below!) bigging up the size of the organiser and its capacity…! The not-so-great reviews can often be down to expectations and we do understand the difficulty in envisaging actual sizes when buying a product online. We always add an image showing measurements so if (like me; I’m always getting pies for one with my online shop when I need to feed the family!) you’re not great at visualising measurements  we’d suggest a quick session with tape measure and buggy for comparison.


Typically (and we include ourselves here!) people tend to leave a review when something is not right. Given that95% of shoppers read reviews before purchasing, perhaps we can all make an effort to give constructive, helpful reviews (whether positive, neutral or negative) when we shop online. We know then that it can help others make an informed decision about their intended purchase - and help retailers provide better products or services.

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