Drink responsibly: advice on not carrying hot drinks in your organiser!

Drink responsibly: advice on not carrying hot drinks in your organiser!

We know you love that our buggy organisers can carry all sorts of necessities for a jaunt out to town, nursery, the park etc. However, we’re aware that some people have attempted to carry their coffee or other hot drink in theirs and we would strongly recommend you do not do this.

While we would love to develop such a product, the current buggy organisers are not designed to carry hot liquids. Firstly the organiser is generally located above baby’s head and, even if you’re the Lewis Hamilton of the buggy driving world, it’s inevitable that you’ll bash into something at some point, which could result in the hot drink splashing out onto your little one’s cherubic head. Clearly not a great thing to happen.

Secondly, the organisers are made of canvas so any liquid is potentially going to soak through. Not a problem if you have a leaky bottle of water or warm milk (as it’s designed for) but, again, a trip to A&E and a lecture on burns is no-one’s idea of a good day.

Any of the straps for drinks or pockets have been measured with a standard feeding bottle or water bottle in mind, sadly not your swanky insulated travel mug. We can promise you that we would love to offer such a feature! We’ve tried a gazillion different ideas and we just cannot find something that we - as responsible parents (most of the time) and business owners - would be happy offering.

In which case, please do heed the advice “drink responsibly” except, this time, it relates to not carrying that (admittedly necessary) large cappuccino in your BTR buggy organiser. Thank you!

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