Embracing change!

Embracing change!

Like you, the effects of Covid-19 and the ensuing lockdown have had a sizeable repercussions on our working-life and our home life. As well as BTR Kids, we also run BTR Sports, where we sell bike bags, highvis clothing and other cycling accessories. They're both small, family run businesses so it's been all hands to the pump.

Usually a lot of our orders are placed through Amazon so, of course, they handle the fulfillment. Not once they decided to stop restocking non-essential items, which is what our products fall under. Luckily our websites are also a source of orders for us, and we then package up and dispatch the parcels ourselves. It's satisfying work but, of course, very intense!

We need to say 'thank you' to Royal Mail and its employees who have collected, handled and delivered our products from our home to yours. There are some delays at times with their deliveries (you can find out more about that here) but their staff have been critical in so many of us either operating businesses or getting hold of items we need.

We've a six year old son so, again like many of you, childcare and education is 100% being done at home. Challenging times!

There's been some crazy times here but we're extremely grateful to have ongoing business, when so many people's livelihoods are up in the air. Sometimes our timings haven't been as we'd hoped (so we apologise if that's affected you), but we hope things are calming down now. We've also had a bit of help from the youngest member of our team!

Thank you for your support. Stay safe, well and happy.

James with a stack of Royal Mail post bags

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