How To Fit a BTR Buggy Organiser to ANY Pram, Buggy or Stroller

February 18, 2018

One of the most common questions we get asked is about fitting the BTR buggy organisers to prams. All BTR buggy organisers are designed to be universal fitting and fit all prams / buggies / strollers

We have made a series of videos to demonstrate fitting and using our buggy organisers

This one demonstrates how to fit a BTR Buggy Organiser to a two handle pram.

All of our buggy organisers come with the same velcro attachments and they are designed to fit any design of pram and any width and diameter of handle. The velcro attachment ensures the bag is securely and tightly fastened around the handle.

This is is the Grey version of one of our most buggy organisers which comes with a waterproof cover, extra large touch screen phone pocket, detachable shoulder strap and 2 pram hooks. We also have a Black version



It is very similar but this one demonstrates how to attach our organisers to a one handle pram


We have numerous other instruction videos Here


View our full range of buggy organisers at BTR Direct Kids, Amazon UK, Amazon DE and Amazon USA


Confused which buggy organiser to choose?  The read our article BTR Buggy Organisers – The Choice … What is the difference???


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