Mocha Brown & Midnight Blue Organisers

Mocha Brown & Midnight Blue Organisers

Did you know that our best-selling buggy organiser - the BTR buggy organiser with phone pocket - now comes in two beautiful new colours!

It’s now available in Mocha Brown and Midnight Blue as well as Pure Black and Dove Grey, so you can coordinate with your pram/buggy/shoes/hair/etc!

Key to the success of the organiser, is its ability to attach firmly and securely to your pram or buggy, whether you’ve got a one- or two-handled version. The velcro straps ensure that our pram bag doesn’t swing about, but is also easy to both install and remove quickly.

You can keep your pram organised while your valuables and phone are at your fingertips. The two matching pram hooks can be used to keep your shopping bags neatly attached to your handles, so no trying to shove shopping bags into places they don’t want to go or hanging them off your already weary arms! Now you can hang them securely and tidily from your buggy or pram.

The pram organiser’s universal fitting means it fits all styles of pram and buggy, and all major brands. But if you want to be super-sure, just check out the measurements and get your tape measure out at home. The image shows the main dimensions, including the size of the phone pocket, so you can see how well it fits with all buggies, prams and pushchairs. The longest side of the organiser is 32cm so as long as the space between your handles is larger than this, you’re sorted!


The organiser has a phone pocket situated on the top of the organiser so you can see whether you’ve had messages, or who’s calling, at a glance. The phone flip-pocket is made from a touchscreen PVC so, for example, if you’re on your way somewhere, you can easily follow the map, or check the weather app to see whether you should have packed your anorak after all!


Speaking of inclement weather - and let’s face it, we Brits do… a lot! - we’ve thought of that too. The BTR Buggy Organiser comes with a rain cover so all your precious items will stay dry if you’re caught in the rain.


All in all, the BTR Buggy Organiser with phone pocket is a winner. We’ve covered all the features that you’ll find in other organisers, and then some. Add to that the two colour-matched pram hooks, and we’re confident this is the best buggy organiser you’ll find.

Check out the full list of features.


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