Packaging purgatory: a journey to reduce plastic - part 1

Packaging purgatory: a journey to reduce plastic - part 1

We're extremely aware of the impact of our business on both our local, national and global environments. There's immense amounts of media reporting and other campaigning on the effects of plastic on the environment and, in particular, single use items. Our packaging falls under this heading, and it's the first aspect we're addressing.

If you've bought a product from us, you'll have seen that all items come wrapped in a polybag. Of course, there is good reason for this: no-one wants a dirty and damaged buggy organiser turning up.

But surely there must be other options available?

BTR grey buggy organiser in packaging BTR black buggy organiser in packaging
Two of our buggy organisers in their current plastic packaging

Yes, of course there are, which is why we are now on a quest to improve our packaging to make it as minimal as possible, more sustainable, but still practical for our needs.

When we started to make enquiries we thought it was going to be fairly straightforward. Turns out we were wrong! Which is why we're going to keep you updated with what we consider, the questions we ask, and the fairly amusing responses we have had!

Day 1: our initial port of call is our suppliers, as that's who currently packages up all our lovely pram organisers, changing mats and other products. They react as if our intentions are insane? Spend more money on your packaging (well, no, that wasn't the over-riding intention, even if that is a necessary result)?! We have to explain that the bottom line isn't the be-all and end-all. We can hear the laughing all the way from their office.

Day 2: despite their initial reaction, our suppliers do their best to help. They send us images of some suggested alternatives. One is a woven bag that looks suspiciously like it's made from synthetic fabric. The other is a white box which seems both flimsy and plastic-coated. Hmmmm.

a small white bag with drawstring a white box

Are these really the only alternatives?!

Ok, so this isn't going to be easy but then nothing worth doing ever is. We are not yet put off, and have a few other ideas to follow up on. In the meantime, if you've any suggestions as to what we could consider, or what you'd be happy to receive your order in, let us know in the comments below. Alternatively, we always welcome discussion on our Facebook page. 

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