Secret Santa, stocking fillers and Christmas gifts all for under £10!

Secret Santa, stocking fillers and Christmas gifts all for under £10!

We've got some cracking suggestions for anyone looking to buy a gift for a friend, a stocking filler for a child or perhaps you're looking for an inspiration for your Secret Santa present this year.

These present ideas all come in under £10 and that includes the post and packing. Perfect! 

BTR Buggy / Pram Organiser in grey with dinosaur character - £8.99

Who wouldn't want this friendly little dinosaur accompanying them on their buggy?! We know that some people also use these organisers on their wheelchairs so they're not just for parents of young babies!

It's perfect for carrying all the day's necessities including drinks, snacks, nappies, wipes, keys, purse and any other bits and bobs you or baby needs.

With universal fit, you can be guaranteed it will fit your recipient's buggy or pram. 

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BTR Buggy / Pram Organiser in black with unicorn character - £9.99

We can't decide if the unicorn is cuter than the dinosaur or vice versa! This time the buggy organiser fabric is black neoprene, but it's the same in terms of its fit and ability to carry all your essential daily items ready for baby's day out. 

Coming in at just £9.99 (including post and packing), this is another brilliant idea for a Secret Santa or gift for new parents.

BTR Extra Large Baby Changing Mat - £9.99

Larger than your average changing mat but still compact enough to be convenient, the BTR XL Baby Changing Mat is a best seller. As well as having maximum coverage, it's also got a handy pocket for stashing nappies and wipes. Great for when you're out and about, on holiday or visiting friends and family.

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BTR Kids Reflective Highvis Adjustable Sash - £9.99


This one is a fab one for a stocking filler. Not only will it keep your child seen when out and about but you can also have great fun with them at home, dancing around in the dark with a torch on! There's a choice of colours and as it's adjustable you don't run the risk of getting the wrong size. 

Another snip at just £9.99.

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BTR Kids Reflective Highvis Waterproof Helmet Cover - £8.99

 BTR Kids HighVis Reflective Helmet Covers

If you're the parent of mobile children, chances are you've got a scooter-mad or cycling-crazy kid in the house. The BTR Kids Waterproof Highvis Reflective Helmet Cover is an easy way to make sure other pavement and road users are aware of their presence when you're out and about in the dark afternoons or evenings. 

Basically: it glows. With this on your child's beloved bonce, no-one is going to not see them. It also makes it easier for you to spot them too as they disappear off down the road. Add to that its waterproof properties and it's just a brilliantly practical accessory. With a massive seven choices to choose from we'd like to think there's something for everyone. 

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BTR Silicone Bike/ Scooter/ Pram/ Buggy Lights- £7.99 for two


Another fab stocking filler as this practical and adaptable little light goes on handebars of all sorts including bikes, scooters, prams and buggies. You can probably think of others too! Priced at just £7.99 for two lights (one red, one white) you can either give both or one each if you've two kids. 

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Did you know that, as well as free post and packing on all items, we also have a 'buy one, get one half price' offer on selected items? Check out what's included as you could make a great saving!




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