Size IS everything!

Size IS everything!

We know how frustrating it is to order something online only for it to turn up and be far too large for its purpose, or disappointingly small.

Here at BTR we spend a long time making sure that the measurements we provide on the lists are correct and it’s why we always include an infographic. These infographics show accurate details of each of the sizes involved in any product, so if it’s a buggy organiser you’re interested in, you can work out whether it’ll fit your buggy (although they are universal fitting so we’re confident they will!) or if it’s large enough to accommodate 3 or 10 of your favourite nappies.

measurements of the BTR Pootle buggy organiser in grey

Similarly, there’s a diagram on the page for our car organiser so you can see whether it'll hold a particular book or favourite notepad.

BTR Kids car organiser for the back seat of cars


We do aim to make all our products as universally-fitting as possible ie they should fit or take most mainstream brands, but if you want to be super sure, do get your tape measure out and have a quick measure up!

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