The story behind our car organisers: the deluxe multi-pocket version

The story behind our car organisers: the deluxe multi-pocket version

We recently featured the story behind theBTR Car Back Seat Organiser & Back Seat Tablet & DVD Holder For Kids, but we also have a non-tablet/DVD version too.

BTR deluxe multi pocket car organiser for kids

We know that sometimes you don’t want the DVD / tablet pocket but you do want storage. Or maybe you’ve a child who prefers to hold their tablet, so the pocket isn’t necessary. We’ve been there. 

And this is why we decided to develop another design which had most of the same features but without the tablet / dvd pocket.

Without the pocket, some of the rigidity was removed from the organiser so we concluded that this one needed a back board as, without one, it would curl about or hang away from the car seat. 

As there is more space available without the tablet/DVD pocket, we have a slightly different layout of pockets as we were able to include more of them. 

BTR multi-pocket car organiser for kids

It still has the same XL straps though so it will fit around pretty much all car seats.

You can store a lot in them like drinks, snacks, colouring stuff, books, teddies or whatever helps you navigate the motorways of the UK with the family’s sanity intact! 

Do make sure your car organiser is correctly fitted (much like our buggy organisers!). You need to pull the straps tight around the seat (both the long one and the one that hangs from the headrest) so that it doesn’t flop forward.

Check out the full details and buy yours now.

BTR deluxe multi-pocket car organiser for kids measurements and features


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