The story behind our car organisers: the tablet and DVD holder version

The story behind our car organisers: the tablet and DVD holder version

Other than our fantastically practical buggy and pram organisers and our high vis accessories, we also have two different car organisers to choose from. One features a tablet/device holding pocket and the other focuses more on storage of all the kit and caboodle a child needs for a car journey!

As with all of our products, there is background to the finished product. In this case - as with pretty much all the BTR Kids products - it’s based on actually being a parent and having a particular problem to deal with.

Founder of BTR Kids, Jo, got her son James a portable DVD player for the very long car journeys they have driving to her parents. Jo, James and Bryn are on the south coast and parents are up North, so it can take 6 hours to get there. Ugh.

Jo struggled to find a suitable thing to put the DVD player in so that James didn’t touch and fiddle with it. Otherwise she had to keep stopping or hope he didn’t break it, neither of which is conducive to a relaxing car journey!

Jo found a car organiser that was supposed to hold a DVD player but it just had elastic at the corners so this didn’t work as the DVD player was quite deep and it kept pinging out…. Again, not highly relaxing for anyone!

On looking around she did see other device holders out in the market, but often specifically for tablets or for DVD players; she wanted to choose what they used and not have to swap about. It seemed to be the case that it was for one type of device or the other. 

She then bought another one that had a PVC touchscreen pocket and attached it to the headrest of the car. It worked as it was meant to and held everything away from fiddly fingers quite well! Progress!

Around this time she also bought some kick mats for the back of the seat as James’s dirty feet were making even more of a mess of the car than its usual state (ahem!).

But then Jo thought: why not combine them? 


She saw that this type of thing were for sale on Amazon so bought one.  It was ok but it flopped a lot. The back of the organiser was completely floppy material and so the corners flopped over the DVD player screen – not great. And very floppy!

Otherwise it was fab for pockets and the holding of the actual DVD  player.

But Jo thought she could do better!  So she went about designing what she ideally wanted and this included pockets deep enough to hold a drink and another large enough to hold a colouring book and wipes.


Then it was on to the straps… Jo could see that even if you attached the straps around the car seat the top bit still flopped so she asked their supplier to put a board in the back of it to help it stay in the correct position.  The straps going around the car seat were ok for the type of seats in their sedate Skoda but they had friends with fancy, racing style seats which they didn’t work with, so she got the straps made longer.

And that is how Jo came up with the product you can now buy today. We hope you find it as useful as we do (the reviews seem to show you do!). If you have suggestions for new products we could develop or improvements to our current products (whether the car organisers, high vis gear or the range of buggy and pram organisers), please do feel free to drop us a line. We always want to hear from parents and carers like you!


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