What should I keep in my kids car organiser?

What should I keep in my kids car organiser?

With a car organiser like ours, you can be generous with what you bring along on your road trips or just have ready for whenever you go out in the car. 


Our kids are a bit older now so we’ve learnt from experience what is handy to have when you’re out and about and, importantly, what are the things you tend to forget. Here’s our top ten things to keep in your kids' car organiser:

  1. Nappies and bags - obvs only if your little one is still using them! The bags are always handy though, for gathering all the detritus that comes with small people.
  2. Wipes - useful for kids and grown ups alike, let’s face it.
  3. Water or another drink - just make sure it’s easy to open and drink from when on the move. Cartons of drink with fiddly straws NEVER work out well in confined spaces.
  4. Snacks - as above. Contained, or non-crumbly/non-squishy. Think about the fall out. 
  5. Sick bags - these are useful regardless of whether your child is regularly sick on journeys. They can double up as a nappy bag or just for putting rubbish in until it can go in a bin.
  6. A comic or two - something that has easy activities. To be honest, I’m of the theory that if you buy two comics or magazines when your kids are young they’ll probably last until they’ve grown out of them.
  7. A notepad and short pencils - long ones aren’t practical in a standard car. Good for drawing, making lists, whatever.
  8. Tablet/iPad - yes we know lengthy screen time isn’t to be encouraged but if you’ve ever driven from Worthing to Chester on a dark December afternoon you’ll know the value of something that your child can zone out to or learn from - yes, the CBeebies app is educational..!
  9. iSpy books - even if your child isn’t reading yet they can still look at the pictures and get the general idea. ‘Car badges’ and, unsurprisingly, ‘On a Car Journey’ versions have been popular in our family.

So these are the nine essential items we always make sure we’ve popped in our car organiser. What about you? Have we missed anything you’d never forget? Is our life about to be changed by your suggestions?!


 Close up of car organiser for kids showing two bottles in an elasticated pocket


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