Why a high vis accessory is perfect for the school run

Why a high vis accessory is perfect for the school run

As the summer dwindles and autumn approaches, it’s noticeable that the school run is no longer taking place in beautiful sunlight. However, with a bit of high vis gear and maybe a light or two, children, parents and carers can travel safely between home and school. And the park, the library, shops, friends’ houses, dance club, Beavers, Rainbows, the swimming pool, football practice, school disco and all the other activities our little darlings enjoy on a regular basis!

James wearing a high vis sash


High vis is great on any day, not just at night or in low light, as the sun’s ultraviolet rays react with the bright colour to make it even brighter. Although this happens whatever the weather, the difference is even greater in foggy, wet or grey conditions (so, sadly, most of the time during the UK autumn/winter).

Night is when the reflective parts of any highvis item really come into their own. Car lights reflect off the tape or other features causing it to glow, and making the wearer more visible. Apparently wearing high vis can make you be seen 3 seconds earlier than if you weren’t wearing it which could be the difference between safety and an accident.

Does the colour make a difference to the visibility? You’ll have seen people wearing orange and yellow high visibility vests or coats, and these work particularly well. However, horse riders - for example - often choose pink high vis gear to make them stand out from their surroundings and other road users. It’s horses for courses really (sorry: couldn’t resist!).

A high vis accessory is an easy way to increase visibility of your little ones; they can still wear their normal coat or clothing, and add the accessory whenever out and about (possibly not needed at school..! Plus, at the time of writing, most schools don’t want anything extra brought in).

Kids high vis sashes in yellow, pink, red, silver and black

An accessory also transcends the need to buy a new size every time there’s a growth spurt, which makes it a very cost effective way to increase visibility. And it’s one less thing to have to remember. Win win.

A high vis sash is one choice of accessory - adjustable, compact and effective. They also come in a variety of colours so everyone can pick their favourite. Similarly, if you’re travelling by bike or scooter and wear a helmet, a high vis helmet cover is another way to increase visibility. Ours happen to be waterproof, adding another handy benefit of wearing one. 

So if you want to increase your family’s visibility when out and about, don’t want to spend a fortune, and want it to last more than 6 months, get yourself a super handy high vis accessory. Take a look at ours now: highvis sashes and waterproof helmet covers.

BTR Kids waterproof highvis helmet covers

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