Why it's important to be fluroescent and reflective!

Why it's important to be fluroescent and reflective!

There's a choice of ways of keeping the family visible when they're out and about, whether in the day or night.

Lights are an option, and can be fitted to bags or clothing, scooters and bikes. Set them to flashing and that'll catch people's eye. Another addition to the 'be seen' armoury are high visibility, reflective items

It's been shown in studies that fluorescent colours are easier to see. They can be seen from further away which means others are aware of the wearer earlier. Because of the way fluorescent colours reflect invisible UV radiation, it's possible to see them 200% more easily than other colours. 

Wondering which are the best fluorescent colours to pick for the best visibility? Yellow and orange. As these two colours are linked to warning signs, they catch your attention (although, presumably, this is why they were chosen for warning signs in the first place?!)

Although fluorescent clothing is fab for visibility during the day time, it's not as good at night time (as car lights don't have the UV rays needed to make it glow). When night time falls, reflective material is what works in front of lights. 

The BTR High Visibility Reflective Sash and BTR High Visibility Reflective Waterproof Helmet Cover solve this problem by incorporating both the elements you'll need to keep your children seen both day and night. 


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