Zip zip hooray: why we love our two-way zips

Zip zip hooray: why we love our two-way zips

All BTR buggy and pram organisers have zips, and we’ve made sure they’re top quality. However, a number of our buggy and pram organisers have the added benefit of featuring two-way zips. 

It’s not possible to have two way zips on all of the organisers, as not all of them have lids that completely close. Those organisers tend to have standard zips on at least a pocket or two.

With any organiser that closes completely, you’ll get a two-way zip. These organisers tend to be our water resistant ones too, so you get that added bonus as well. 

A two-way zip is great for closing an organiser which is full of stuff, as you can pull on both zip-pulls to get the zip shut. Often this is because you’ve put something in that’s a bit of an odd shape or bulky, so you can close the zips in a place that accommodates this. 

If you’re after a rather handy two-way zip on your organiser, take a look at these ones:

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